Organic by John Patrick launched in 2004 by John Patrick, an ethical fashion designer who firmly supports and believes in making fashion sustainability possible. His collections are made with organic cotton, and look amazing. The earth has given us so much, and now it’s time for us to do something nice to her.

Here are some of his latest collections. SS2016, FW2015, Resort2015.

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Really nice work.


Today I wanna talk about something that makes us cooler than wearing amazingly cool outfit. And that is wearing environmental friendly materials! Helping to save our planet while looking super-duper good. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine started talking about how she recently changed her perspective when it comes to buying clothes, and that started me to think about this whole new concept. If you are reading this content that means you are living in a pretty good life, 1 you care about fashion enough to read all the “boring pictures” and “boring things” I post here, 2 you have an access to internet, don’t go “what!?” because there are so many people in this world that don’t even have food to eat, water to drink, let alone being able to access internet. Today, the fashion industry uses a lot of resources of our planet, and if we don’t start doing something, more damages will be made. I think if we can all do a little bit of something to help, then why not?

H&M has been making a conscious collection, and better yet, they have a garment collection program where everyone can donate their unwanted clothes in order for their company to put them at good use.


YES, it is the shoes that everyone is talking about right now, longing about right now, feeling so good about right now. When I first saw CHANEL fw 2015 collection early this year, can I just say I predicted that this will be the hottest shoes of this Fall? It was actually the only shoes shown at the FW2015 CHANEL presentation. It’s beautiful. The classic two-tone CHANEL slingback in nude with a black toe cap was first created in 1957. Instantly it got so popular because it makes womens’ legs look longer and foot look smaller and more delicate. This is the pair of shoes that we will keep forever and ever, even after 10, 20 years, or even longer, we will still be in love with them.