Hideous Man John Malkovich & Bella Freud



Organic by John Patrick launched in 2004 by John Patrick, an ethical fashion designer who firmly supports and believes in making fashion sustainability possible. His collections are made with organic cotton, and look amazing. The earth has given us so much, and now it’s time for us to do something nice to her.

Here are some of his latest collections. SS2016, FW2015, Resort2015.

SS16-Look-19_1024x1024SS16-Look-16_1024x1024 SS16-Look-13_1024x1024SS16-Look-09_1024x1024 SS16-Look-06_1024x1024SS16-Look-04_1024x1024RESORT16-Look-16_1024x1024RESORT16-Look-14_1024x1024 RESORT16-Look-09_1024x1024RESORT16-Look-01_1024x1024 Organic_John_Patrick_SS15_002_1024x1024Organic_John_Patrick_SS15_001_1024x1024 FW15-LOOK_16_1024x1024FW15-LOOK_10_1024x1024FW15-LOOK_12_1024x1024FW15-LOOK_08_1024x1024 FW15-LOOK_07_1024x1024FW15-LOOK_03_1024x1024 FW15-LOOK_02_1024x1024FW15-LOOK_01_1024x1024

Really nice work.


15 35 53 71Photographed by Cass Bird featuring Steffy Argerich and Ilana Kozlov for Vogue Russia September 2015. 

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